What Is Concept of Power Politics?

Power is a complex concept. The term has long been associated with politics, wealth, and authority. The idea behind power is the ability of influencing the actions and the decisions of others. Political power then is the authority that is held by a specific group in a society that ensures for the administration of resources and the implementation of policies in the society. Power is thereof acquired just as means for governmental direction or apparently in the opposition to a government. Understanding the concept of power politics will need the exploration of key elements including authority, legitimacy, and sovereignty.

Authority is just the means that a person or a group of individuals has the right in making decisions, demanding obedience, and giving orders. Legitimacy is that right which leaders have in exercising their power and even authority; it is merely an acceptance of a government by those governed. Sovereignty is perhaps the highest of the exercise of political power, that ultimate and supreme authority. It is through power that one achieves authority, but such authority should be legitimate and within a sovereignty. Since time memorial researchers, writers, philosophers, and even leaders have tried to coin their view of power. Social psychologists have coined power into different categories.

Legitimate power

It is also called positional power. This is the power that a person holds because of the relative position and the duties held in an organization. This formal authority is delegated … Read the rest

Political Assignment Writing, Some Important Things to Remember

Writing is an incredibly diverse form of expressing oneself. As such, it can be difficult sometimes o express your thoughts when audiences and even purposes vary. Purposes and audiences do vary within disciplines but between them. The discipline of political sciences is diverse and requires distinct writing. It can be tough as student to be able to present such as distinctive piece. You can also visit our best article here after reading this article. Many writing experts would only propose that one would require superb language command, an understanding of the subject and creative skills to become a prolific writer. Nonetheless, political science has a discipline requires a unique presentation of assignments. The following are some of the things to remember in political assignments

Present theoretical issues

In political science, theoretical issues not empirical facts that are important. Remember assignment are designed just as an exercise of interpreting political theory hence its crucial to emphasize more on theoretical aspects in your answers. Empirical material can be used to support answers but it is critical to demonstrate that ability to argue effectively and efficiently within a defined theoretical framework

Make compelling arguments

Your goal should be presenting an accurate treatment of interpretive facts; however also conducting dialogue within the text and provide an opinion on the theoretical problem under discussion. For example, most political essays deal with a normative issue, therefore a good treatment if a normative argument is not making … Read the rest

Management vs. Politics: Why a manager should learn politics

Even as so much has been written on making decision, decisions by themselves change nothing. The major problem facing managers today is implementation. The challenge of implementation is more about influencing behavior, changing the course of situations, overcoming resistance and getting people to engage in thing they would not like to do. A recent article by the Forbes magazine writer Jean Leslie states that politics is essential and commonplace in modern workplaces. Even as anything political is a maiden of favoritism, self-promotion, and backstabbing, it is present and always will be in organizations. Therefore, as a manager to become an effective leader you will need to develop political skill. There are very good reasons why managers should be aware of organization politics

Exert Influence

Normally decision makers in an organization are plugged to the company politics. Organization politics runs deep from one depart to another hence connecting to managers and executives throughout the firm. Hence, to get a promotion or a budget approved, there is need to influence company politics by participating. A recent study indicates that managers who are not political run the risk of demotions and even sackings thus leading to career disruptions.

Stay informed

Information is key to organization growth. People involved in organization decision making in most cases gather or create committees that conduct research before taking any important company decision. As a manger there is, need to tune to organizational politics in order to … Read the rest